Spore Creature Creator Impressions

SporeCreatureCreator.jpg Originally, I wasn’t planning on trying out the Spore Creature Creator. I sort of wanted to wait until the full version before getting my first taste of the Spore experience, that way I wouldn’t spoil the surprise and wonder of taking it all in with the full product. But last night while at the local Walmart to pick up a birthday card for my niece’s second birthday this weekend, I walked by the electronics section to browse around before checking out and stumbled across a couple shelves lined with copies of the Creature Creator. Next thing I know, the temptation became too much to resist and I purchased a copy to try out upon returning home. And that’s just what I did.

I haven’t had a ton of time to sink into it yet, but already I can see why this thing has become such an instant hit (over a million creature uploads already, I’d say that’s a pretty big hit). The first thing I noticed upon getting started was just how beautifully intuitive the creature creation interface is. Within no more than five minutes of first booting the app up, I had already created a reasonably cool beast of my own. That’s how quick and easy it is to get into.

You are started off with a simple blob of a torso with a stretchable, bendable spine that can be contorted to form virtually any body shape imaginable. From there, you are given 200+ different creature parts to go to town with — mouths, legs, feet, hands, arms, horns, eyes, antennae and other appendages, all of which you simply drag and drop from the parts menu onto the provided torso and then scale and shape however you see fit. Depending on the chosen body parts, your creature also adopts various attributes, attack abilities and emotes, but they don’t mean much here since there’s no actual gameplay to use them in.

Once you’ve got the creature design where you want it, you can then take the paint tool to it and give it more interesting textures and coat patterns. At anytime, you can also test out your creature with a variety of provided emotes and animations, and even pop in a couple baby creatures to see how they interact together.

The main reason the Spore Creature Creator has become so popular, though, is because of its fantastic create-and-share mentality. Through the Sporepedia, you can quickly and easily upload your creations to share with friends and the buzzing Spore community. You can snap screenshots and even record video clips to post on YouTube. The sense of community that has already developed is quite remarkable and certainly bodes well for the real Spore becoming a massive success when it ships in September.

Overall I’m thoroughly impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The Spore Creature Creator is probably the best $10 I’ve spent on a game in a while. I see myself sinking many addicted hours into it over the next couple months, and I bet if you pick a copy up you will to.

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