Spring Cleaning Cable Organizer Round-up


It feels weird saying this with a couple inches of freezing rain-topped snow visible from my window, but this week marks the start of spring. The dawning of spring means it’s time to start packing away the winter clothing and freshen things up around the house after a few cold winter months of closed windows and gathering dust.

For gamers and tech enthusiasts, maintaining a tidy entertainment center, computer desk, and portable charging station is often a pain due to the endless wires that string out of our favorite pieces of tech and always find a way to fuse into a single, tangled mass of power cables and connective cords. Here are some helpful cable management ideas to consider for your spring cleaning organization projects.

Cableyoyo – $4.99:
Cableyoyo An excellent combination of style and functionality, the Cableyoyo is an ideal companion for the smaller wires found on computer accessories and portable devices. The sleek, slim form factor takes up very little space on a desktop and makes it easy to stow away in a pocket or travel bag. There’s even an adhesive patch on the back, should you choose to mount it on a wall or some other surface. (I didn’t need to mount it so I can’t speak to the quality of the adhesive.) Its clean, minimalistic design matches in style with an iPod/iPad, particularly the white color option; however using the silver model, I’ve found that it pairs perfectly with the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS AC adapter’s thin cord is an exact match for the spool’s size capacity, and the yo-yo design makes it easy to wrap and unwrap the cable as needed for portable transport.

Cable Winder – $2.49:
CableWinder The Cable Winder deserves a tip of the cap for ease of use alone. Just slide a cable into the top slot, twist the cap, and watch as the cable coils up inside the compartment. It doesn’t have a very large storage capacity so it won’t hold your longer cables, but the ratcheting winder makes adjusting cord length a snap while at the same time ensuring that the cable won’t unravel. The Cable Winder is a great choice for any smaller wired device that gets daily use, such as USB accessories for your PC or gaming console. For example I’m using one with my DualShock 3 USB charger to reduce the excess cable clutter hanging from the front of my PS3. And when I don’t need to recharge, with an effortless twist I can spool the cable tighter to more neatly fit in a drawer or on a shelf.

Cababo Frog – $4.99:
CababoFrog But one of many different animal-themed cable organizer options, the Cababo Frog puts aesthetic ahead of smart functionality. It’s a pain in the ass to take apart right out of the package (I’m lucky I didn’t break the damn thing), and once you have it apart the center spool is separated so winding up a cord isn’t as intuitive as it should be. But on the plus side, once assembled it works well as a novelty desktop organizer for things like computer mice, keyboards, speakers, etc. Personally, it’s been an effective cable caddie for the Xbox 360 gamepad I use for PC gaming. The bubbled compartment gobbles up all the loose cord (helping to prevent cross-tangling with my headphones), and should I need to move around in my chair the little frog guy slides across the desktop without spitting out any wires. The Cababo Frog’s uses are admittedly minimal compared to other cord organizers out there, but it does serve a purpose in very specific situations and it’s much cuter to look at than a plain black spool.

Cable Turtle – $4.99-$8.99:
CableTurtle It may be named after an animal, but the Cable Turtle is the total opposite of something like the aforementioned Cababo Frog. Even though it’s available in a wide range of colors, the Cable Turtle is about as plain looking as a cord holder can get. But looks aren’t everything. The turtle shell-like casing gives the product its name, with its two rubbery halves folding open to reveal the spool and clamping back shut to lock cords away from the tangle monster. Unlike the other products on this list, the Cable Turtle also comes in multiple sizes capable of holding as little as 2-3 feet of cable up to as long as 10 feet, making it a great all-purpose option.

Cord Bone – $6.99 (2 Pack):
CordBone For your heavy duty organization needs, grab a pack or two of Cord Bones. They’re basically just hunks of plastic shaped like a dog bone, but their rugged construction snugly maintains the thicker power cabling of a computer or video game hardware. The design may look a bit clunky, but they’re surprisingly slim, and they neatly hide behind a desk or entertainment center. Smaller, lighter weight options such as clips and ties are available, but if you want something tougher and more reliable, the Cord Bones are what you’ll want to get.

Need more options? Check out CableOrganizer.com for a vast selection of cord management solutions, including extension cord holders, slick headphone spools like The Core, and other odd but effective cable winders like the Cable Hog and Cable Fish.

Disclosure: Product samples were given to VGBlogger by CableOrganizer.com

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