Square Enix to Publish a WWII RTS!?


Square Enix is really starting to amp up its push into western development, and apparently Square Enix’s idea of western development is PC gaming and RTS. Already having partnered up with Gas Powered Games on the development of Supreme Commander 2, Squenix is now teaming up with Wargaming.net to publish Order of War, a new World War II PC strategy IP.

Yes, that’s right. Squenix, the world’s preeminent creator of classic JRPGs and effeminate, spiky-haired heroes, is publishing a WWII RTS. Just saying those words feels strange.

Scheduled for North American release this fall, Order of War will be the first of Squenix’s western-developed projects to see release. The game will offer two solo campaigns based on key WWII events — America vs. Germany on the western front and Germany va. Russia on the eastern front — and promises to deliver “massive-scale battles brought to life with a cinematic intensity never seen before in a WWII strategy game.” And by massive scale we’re talking commanding upwards of 1,000 soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery and air planes at once.

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix, Inc. comments, “ORDER OF WAR offers Square Enix an exciting opportunity to enter this hugely popular genre, and is a strong proposition for our first western-developed release. With its cinematic intensity, hugely realistic battles and historical accuracy, the game looks set to whet the appetite of any war-gaming fan.”

Victor Kislyi, chief executive officer of Wargaming.net says, “ORDER OF WAR will take strategy games in a new, exciting direction, narrowing the gameplay focus on the best part and challenges gamers to defeat the most powerful armies of WWII. And we are really glad that this immense title will be released by Square Enix – one of the largest and most successful publishers in the world.”

I’m all for Squenix focusing more on western development, but I’m not sure jumping into the supersaturated WWII RTS genre is the most effective way to do so. Order of War may very well be a fine game — it actually looks incredibly impressive — but, fair or not, I have a feeling it’ll be largely dismissed as “just another WWII RTS.”

Click over to www.orderofwar.com for more info, screenshots and the first trailer.

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