Steam’s Summer Sale is Here to Take All Your Money


I hope you’ve been saving up your digital monies. Steam’s annual Summer Sale has arrived at long last, and it’s packed with cheap games and daily offers too good to pass up. Even if you don’t have the time to play them all, you’ll be buying this game, and that game, and.. oh crap, there’s another!

The Steam Summer Sale opens today and runs through July 23rd. That’s 12 days of store-wide discounts, amazing Daily Deals, Flash Sales only available for a few hours, and even a Community Choice Sale that will offer a deep price cut on one game every eight hours, as voted on by the Steam community.

Today’s opening Daily Deals include 50-75% discounts on Portal 2 ($4.99), Indie Bundle I ($9.99), Total War: Shogun 2 ($7.49), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ($29.99), Legend of Grimrock ($5.99), Terraria ($2.49), Might & Magic: Heroes VI ($24.99), Ridge Racer Unbounded ($24.99), and Crusader Kings II ($9.99). You have 36 hours to buy at those rates.

Current Flash sales include 75% off Mafia II ($7.49), 50% off Rayman Origins ($14.99), 75% off Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($7.49), and 75% off SpaceChem ($2.49). You have anywhere between two and eight hours to grab those titles.

The current Community Choice sale vote is between 75% off Saints Row: The Third, 60% off The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, or 66% off Batman: Arkham City. Voting closes in less than two hours, so submit your choice before it’s too late.

Basically everything else on Steam has some sort of discount for the full duration of the sale, including all the major publisher collection packs and a wide range of indie games. Here are some notables I’ve seen or been emailed about:

Hard Reset: Extended Edition is only $3.75 thanks to a 75% price slash.

Alan Wake Collector’s Edition and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are 50% off, including a Franchise pack for just $19.99.

Waveform‘s only $3.49.

Games like Q.U.B.E., Orcs Must Die! and Trine 2 are down to $7.49.

The new re-release of Divine Divinity is only $3.99.

Oh yeah, and XSEED’s Ys games are cheaper too: Origin is $11.99 and The Oath in Felghana is just $5.09.

Browse around to see what looks good, and skim through the related links below for reviews to many of the games featured in the sale. Just be patient while shopping, though, because the servers are seriously overloaded. Access has been intermittent all day for me. Once things are a little more stable, I’ll be snatching stuff up like crazy. My wishlist has grown by nearly 15 games already today!

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