Still Looking for a Wii, Try Best Buy this Sunday

BBInsider.jpgThanks to the folks over at Go Nintendo for this nugget of joy. For all of you people out there still searching for a Wii, you may be in luck come this Sunday as apparently (according to the scanned BB Insider info on the right), every Best Buy is hording Wii shipments to have at least 40 available per store the morning of the 13th. The reasoning is that this is the final big holiday purchasing weekend before Christmas, so Best Buy (along with many other retailers I imagine) want to get as many people in to purchase Wii’s and attempt to sell other items to them like overpriced memory cards.

As is the case with much of this leaked information, it looks official but I would still classify it as a rumor. Just give your local Best Buy a call before you start camping out for that last chance Wii.

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