Stronghold Crusader Gets Extreme!

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Tacking the word Extreme to the end of a title isn’t just for action and extreme sports games anymore. Oh no, now the unnecessary means of making a game sound cooler than it really is has spread over to the strategy genre. Stronghold Crusader, Firefly Studios’ epic castle defending/storming RTS title from 2002, is now making a comeback in new-and-improved form with Extreme now added to the title to indicate just how much more hardcore it is. Stronghold Crusader Extreme, set to ship for PC in May published by Gamecock, will feature a new Extreme Trail mode consisting of dozens of touch missions strung together in succession, new tactical super powers, 20 all-new missions, new maps and other content that was previously exclusive to Limited Editions of the game. Learn more in this brief behind the scenes trailer.

[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/StrongholdCrusaderExtreme/Trailers/Stronghold_BTS_2_26_RTD.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

“Stronghold fans demand the most from their RTS and simulation games, and Firefly delivers once again,” said Harry Miller, el Presidente of Gamecock Media Group. “Crusader Extreme steps up and delivers medieval Mayhem on a scale previously unseen in the series. Firefly has nurtured their baby into a true, manic adult.”

“Working with Firefly in the Gathering days was awesome. It was great to see a developer own and live off its IP,” said Mike Wilson, Grand Champeen of Gamecock Media Group. “Even better is that’s they’ve come back to us now with the continuation of the series, which is concrete evidence that the relationship based model works. You don’t have to own or control a developer or their IP to have an ongoing relationship and mutual benefit of a hit franchise.”

Oh, and here are a couple of screenshots so you can see even more of Stronghold Crusader‘s newfound extremeness. Man, that first screen would make a great Where’s Waldo? picture hunt, there are so many damn characters on screen at once!

Stronghold Crusader Extreme1.jpg

Stronghold Crusader Extreme2.jpg

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