Summer Book Club Review: Nobody Likes a Goblin

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Poor goblins. They get such a bad rap.

In fantasy fiction, goblins are almost always portrayed as the evil underlings, the grotesque creatures plaguing the kingdom, the disposable enemy fodder for the heroic adventurers to maim and kill on their way to achieving the greater glory of slaying a mighty dragon or some other big baddie. But what if goblins really weren’t so terrible? What if they could be the good guys?

Author and artist Ben Hatke shows a lighter, friendlier side to the typically wicked creatures in the charming new picture storybook Nobody Likes a Goblin, published by First Second Books. The story centers on the aptly named Goblin, a cute, green lad who likes nothing better than to maintain his dungeon, feed the rats, and spend quality time with his BFF Skeleton. Until one day a party of heroes ransack his dungeon, loot all of his stockpiled treasure, and even skeleton-nap his bony buddy. Thus Goblin becomes the little hero that could, bravely setting out from the dungeon to rescue his captured friend.


Hatke’s storytelling is succinct yet descriptive and heartwarming, complemented by his beautiful ink and watercolor artistry that leaps off of every single page. Even as an adult, I can’t help but flip through the pages over and over again, my inner child’s imagination captured at every turn. The story and art feel rooted in the traditional fantasy themes popularized by the likes of The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons, only reenvisioned with a childlike sense of humor and wonder. As with any good children’s tale, the story leaves young readers with a positive message to take away about friendship and the acceptance of others.

Nobody Likes a Goblin is a wonderful picture book, full of adventure, heart, and whimsy for all ages. It’s a great choice for bedside story time, or a fun tale for kids to read during vacation travel or around the fire on a summertime camping trip. Yes this is a story about goblins and skeletons and trolls (oh my!), but these creatures are portrayed in such a cute, harmless way that just maybe this will be a book to help take the edge off of the classic childhood nightmare of a monster hiding in the closet or under the bed. Even fantasy-loving parents will find an unlikely new friend in Ben Hatke’s loveable Goblin, as well as an appreciation for the enchanting artwork that brings the little guy to life.

Buy From: Nobody Likes a Goblin is available now on or via other book retailers listed at Macmillan Publishing. The book consists of 40 11.24 x 8.83 pages, has a target age range of 4-8 years old, and sells at an MSRP of $17.99.

Disclosure: A review copy of Nobody Likes a Goblin was provided to by First Second Books.






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