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  • Review: The Deadly Tower of Monsters

    Inspired by low-budget science fiction flicks of the 70s, The Deadly Tower of Monsters is the latest screwball game from Ace Team and Atlus, a developer-publisher collaboration that has resulted in other weird gems like Rock of Ages, Abyss Odyssey, and the Zeno Clash series. […]

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  • Enhanced Versions of Abyss Odyssey and Risen 3 Coming to PS4

    In today’s age of abundant definitive/enhanced editions, it’s rarely a surprise to see any older game return, but even I never would have expected to see these two get the remaster treatment. First up is Deep Silver’s Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition, coming to […]

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  • Indie Quickie: Abyss Odyssey

    Indie Quickie: Abyss Odyssey

    It takes a lot longer to fully review a game than it does to get a good sense of what a game is. Even with a full-time staff of writers it would be impossible to fully review the thousands of games that are released every […]

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  • Review: Rock of Ages

    Review: Rock of Ages

    What happens when you roll a giant boulder down a winding slope littered with catapults, siege towers, and elephants and scoop on a great big dollop of classical art and Monty Python humor?  You get Rock of Ages, the latest release from Zeno Clash developer ACE Team. […]

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  • Rock of Ages Launch Trailer

    Rock of Ages Launch Trailer

    ACE Team’s unique tower offense game is rolling along on Xbox Live Arcade now, and unleashes gigantic boulders of doom upon PC via Steam next week on September 7th. The PSN version is rolling up in the rear, with a launch date that is still […]

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  • XBLA Deal of the Week: Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition

    XBLA Deal of the Week: Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition

    Hey, Xbox Live Gold Members! Your XBLA “Deal of the Week” this week is a good one, so do take notice. ACE Team’s bizarre, grotesque, and strangely beautiful first-person brawler, Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition, can now be had for 33% off the regular price of […]

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  • These Are the New Weapons in Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition

    These Are the New Weapons in Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition

    Four new weapons have been added to the upcoming XBLA Ultimate Edition port of Ace Team’s PC first-person brawler Zeno Clash, including the shotgun, roothammer, spear and skullhammer. Let’s watch these fine instruments of death in action, shall we?

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