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  • Kingsway Operating System RPG Seeks Multitasking Heroes

    What’s this? Yet another unique indie gem from Adult Swim Games? Yes, of course it is! Created by Andrew Morrish, Kingsway is a fantasy RPG played entirely through a simulated desktop operating system reminiscent of early Windows software from the 80s. Every task appears in […]

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  • Rain World Determines the Fate of a Slugcat Later This Month

    Adult Swim’s run of indie game publishing excellence is poised to continue later this month with the newly confirmed March 28th release date for Rain World on PC and PlayStation 4. Videocult’s splendidly gloomy platformer will have you controlling a defensless little white creature known […]

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  • Review: Headlander

    Headlander is a side-scrolling sci-fi romp about a floating human head in search of its body. The head is encapsulated in a jet-powered helmet that can rocket boost through the air as well as vacuum suck items out of place. Typically, the vacuum power is used to […]

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  • Indie Quickie: Wasted

    What is it and who made it? A Fallout-flavored, 80s-infused “pub crawl” FPS roguelike from Mr. Podunkian and Adult Swim Games. What platforms is it on and how much does it cost? Pay a visit to your local Steam pub and order a round for […]

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  • Review: Jazzpunk

    Review: Jazzpunk

    I’m constantly reminded by my wife that I have the mind of a 13-year-old boy. Of course, having a son at that age probably helps to bring that youthful glee out more often. I find myself wanting to view video games with an air of maturity […]

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  • Bizarre Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe This Jazzpunk Trailer

    Bizarre Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe This Jazzpunk Trailer

    I have absolutely no clue what’s going on in this new live action trailer for Necrophone Games’ upcoming indie comedy adventure Jazzpunk, and you know what, I don’t think I care. Whatever Jazzpunk is, I sure as hell want to play it now, when two […]

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