Animal Crossing: City Folk Archive

  • [E3 2008] Welcome Back to Animal Crossing!

    [E3 2008] Welcome Back to Animal Crossing!

    I’ve already shown you the WiiSpeak Microphone and Logitech’s new Wii keyboard that are both coming out in large part to support Animal Crossing: City Folk‘s community chat features, but I have yet to talk about the game itself or show you what it looks […]

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  • [E3 2008] Nintendo’s WiiSpeak Microphone

    [E3 2008] Nintendo’s WiiSpeak Microphone

    Above and below are pics of the new WiiSpeak microphone accessory coming to the Wii this holiday season. Thought it won’t be packaged with Animal Crossing: City Folk, the first Animal Crossing Wii title will be the showcase game for its uses as a community […]

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