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  • Review: Asphalt 3D

    Review: Asphalt 3D

    Gameloft has become fondly (or not so fondly, depending on who you’re asking) known as the ‘King of Knock-offs’ for its many mobile game offerings that blatantly yet solidly resemble prominent console and PC franchises. More specifically, the French studio’s long-running Asphalt series has been […]

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  • Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Compendium Part 2

    Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Compendium Part 2

    Picking up where I left off at last year’s E3, here is a complete visual guide of every last screenshot I could scrounge up from Nintendo’s 3DS launch announcement event. There are 30 galleries in all, so you better start browsing…NOW! And with that, our […]

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  • Nintendo 3DS Trailer Round-Up

    Nintendo 3DS Trailer Round-Up

    Loads of new 3DS game trailers flooded in today following Nintendo’s press extravaganza confirming the device’s launch date and price, and while there is no way to see the 3D effect without a 3DS live and in your hands, it’s still nice to see what […]

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  • Ubisoft Confirms Eight Titles for 3DS Launch

    Ubisoft Confirms Eight Titles for 3DS Launch

    As previously mentioned, over 30 games are on tap for the 3DS launch window between March and June. Of those that have been confirmed, eight are coming from Ubisoft, positioning the company as the device’s staunchest third-party supporter. Those eight games include… Asphalt 3D: Developed […]

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