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  • Board Game Review: Operation Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Edition

    Hasbro’s classic medical malpractice skill game Operation gets a Wasteland makeover in the officially licensed Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Edition by USAopoly. The core rules are the same, just twisted to play on themes of the Fallout universe. Assuming the role of Vault-Tec Doctor, participating players take […]

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  • This War Of Mine Board Game Kickstarted in 3 Hours

    The tabletop board game adaptation of 11 bit’s wartime survival game This War Of Mine launched its Kickstarter campaign today… and within three hours it has already been fully funded and is now inching closer to doubling up on its initial funding target of $57k […]

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  • Get Your Board Game Chibi on this Summer in Super Dungeon Tactics

    Underbite Games and Soda Pop Miniatures are rolling into PAX East in Boston this weekend with a new demo for Super Dungeon Tactics, which will be playable for the first time at the Ninja Division booth. Super Dungeon Tactics is the turn-based strategy video game […]

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  • PAX South 2016 Day Three Impressions

    The final day of PAX South has come to an end for me. After leaving early yesterday and getting solid rest last night, I felt prepared to tackle a whole slew of games. Here are the highlights! Epistory Divergent methods of game input are always […]

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  • PAX South 2016 Day One Impressions

    Last year was my first foray into the world of PAX conventions when I attended PAX South. Returning for a second year to the wonderful city of San Antonio, I spent the first day of PAX attending a podcast panel, playing some fun indie games […]

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  • The Portal Board Game is Not a Lie

    Designed by Cryptozoic Entertainment in collaboration with Valve, Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game is the official board game adaptation of everyone’s favorite first-person puzzle game series. Test Subjects interested in participating in this tabletop experiment of fun (for science, of course!) can now pre-order […]

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  • Orcs Must Die Board Game Has Been Kickstarted

    While playing Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die tower defense action games, has the thought of the series being adapted into a board game ever crossed your mind? Probably not, but now that such an adaptation is about to happen the idea suddenly makes a whole […]

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  • The Witcher Board Game Coming Soon to a Tabletop (or Tablet) Near You

    The Witcher Board Game Coming Soon to a Tabletop (or Tablet) Near You

    For a long time it has been popular to turn board and tabletop games into video games, but nowadays it seems the trend is reversing, where increasingly we are now seeing popular video games adapted into board games. And not just variants of Monopoly or […]

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  • VGBlogger Gift Guides for Geeks & Gamers: BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia Board Game

    VGBlogger Gift Guides for Geeks & Gamers: BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia Board Game

    Buy From: Plaid Hat Games, Irrational Games, or BioShock Infinite is one of the best games of the year, offering a captivating combination of tense action and rich storytelling and character development. With strong themes of racism, religion, and politics, the narrative is perfectly […]

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  • Skylanders Monopoly Passes Go

    Skylanders Monopoly Passes Go

    Man, this whole Skylanders craze just won’t quit. I suppose it’s fitting, though, that Activision’s toy-based video game hit has teamed up with USAopoly for the franchise’s next cross-promotional endeavor. Yep, Skylanders is the latest licensed property to inspire a special edition of Hasbro’s most […]

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