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  • Review: Castlevania Judgment

    Review: Castlevania Judgment

    Castlevania Judgment was a failed idea from the start. A 3D fighting game amalgamation of past Castlevania games for the Wii? Just saying that sounds all wrong. I tried to remain optimistic throughout its development since the screenshots and game footage shown pre-release showed some […]

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  • Castlevania Judgment’s Epic Launch Trailer

    Castlevania Judgment’s Epic Launch Trailer

    Does Castlevania work as a 3D fighter? Not sure yet, but we get to find out this week with the release of Castlevania Judgment on Wii. Can’t say I’m overly optimistic, but this epic near-six-minute-long launch trailer sure gets me excited to at least give […]

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  • Castlevania Trailer Double Dose

    Castlevania Trailer Double Dose

    Konami’s got two Castlevania titles lined up for the holidays, and today I have new gameplay trailers for both to show you, starting with the more traditional 2D action/adventure stylings of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for DS followed up by the Wii-exclusive 3D fighter Castlevania […]

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  • [E3 2008] Wow, Castlevania Judgment Actually Looks Pretty Good!

    [E3 2008] Wow, Castlevania Judgment Actually Looks Pretty Good!

    Well would you look at that. Castlevania Judgment, the Wii fighting game based on the classic Castlevania series, actually looks pretty good. Still not completely sold on the idea of a Castlevania brawler, but maybe it won’t be as blasphemous as originally thought.

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  • Alucard… Simon Belmont… FIGHT!

    Alucard… Simon Belmont… FIGHT!

    I shit you not. Konami has announced a new Castlevania for the Wii and it’s not an action/adventure/platform/RPG game like usual. Oh no, for some reason Konami thought it was a good idea to turn the beloved franchise into a fighting game called Castlevania Judgment. […]

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