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  • Review: Conduit 2

    Review: Conduit 2

    Picking up right where the first game’s lousy cliffhanger ending left off, Conduit 2 continues the sci-fi FPS saga of Agent Michael Ford, who has hopped through a conduit portal hot on the heels of antagonist John Adams. This time Agent Ford means business, suiting […]

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  • Conduit 2 and Yakuza 4 Get Release Dates and New Trailers

    Conduit 2 and Yakuza 4 Get Release Dates and New Trailers

    Two of Sega’s Q1 2011 releases have been locked into firm launch dates. PS3-exclusive story-based brawler Yakuza 4 is up first, officially due out on March 15th, bringing with it a new story told through the eyes of four playable characters, a deeper and further […]

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  • Conduit 2 Debut Trailer

    Conduit 2 Debut Trailer

    Bigger. Bolder. Better. These are the words High Voltage Software and Sega use to describe Conduit 2 in the game’s first trailer. It better be all those things because, although good, The Conduit definitely suffered from being too small and too generic. Watch for the […]

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  • Conduit 2 Gains Wii MotionPlus Support

    Conduit 2 Gains Wii MotionPlus Support

    Hey, look! A non-sports game will actually support the Wii MotionPlus, the most wasted Nintendo peripheral since the Power Glove! Joining the likes of Red Steel 2 — a game that benefited greatly over its predecessor thanks to MotionPlus support — High Voltage’s FPS sequel […]

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