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  • Gear Review: PDP Titanfall 2 PC / Xbox One Controller

    Disclosure: Product sample provided to for review consideration by PDP. Third-party console accessories tend to be inconsistent in quality, especially when it comes to controllers. They’re often cheaper than the official controllers you get straight from Microsoft or Nintendo or Sony, which means they […]

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  • Accessory Review: Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller

    You’ve heard the expression style over substance before. Well for PDP’s Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One controller the saying goes more like style and substance, which is not something that can be said for a lot of third-party gaming peripherals. The style part is totally front […]

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  • PowerA Announces Cheaper Alternative to Xbox One Elite Controller

    Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller sure looks impressive, but damn is it expensive. We’re talking $150 expensive. Just for one video game controller. And I still have a hard enough time accepting $60 for a standard wireless controller. Yikes. Now in steps accessory manufacturer […]

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  • Metal Mario, Toad, and Zero Suit Samus Super Smash Bros. Wii U Wired Fight Pads Coming Soon

    Need a new controller to go along with all of that sweet new Super Smash Bros. DLC? Gaming accessory manufacturer Performance Designed Products (PDP) has you covered with three new additions to the company’s growing line of Nintendo GameCube-style Wired Fight Pad controllers for Wii […]

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  • Microsoft Finally Upgrades Xbox 360 Controller’s Crap D-Pad

    Microsoft Finally Upgrades Xbox 360 Controller’s Crap D-Pad

    It took nearly five years, but finally Microsoft has gotten around to upgrading the Xbox 360 controller’s D-Pad, AKA the worst controller D-Pad in gaming history, as I’ve opined numerous times before. The new monochrome controller, scheduled for retail release on November 9th, is actually […]

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