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  • Review: Manual Samuel

    Manual Samuel. The name of the game tells you everything you need to know right in the title.    Nothing Samuel does happens without the player putting in the manual effort to press a series of buttons. Sure, all game characters are basically digital mannequins […]

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  • Review: Hue

    Hue wakes up alone in his house. A drab grayscale world surrounds him. A note from his mother leads him on a quest to find her and along the way, he learns that the world is much more than what everyone perceives. Through lessons left in […]

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  • Indie Quickie: 10 Second Ninja X

    What is it and who made it? Made by Four Circle Interactive and published by Curve Digital, this is the sequel to 2014’s 10 Second Ninja. It has an ‘X’ in the title because it’s more EXTREME! (Or maybe X-rated, because the game’s sure to […]

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