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  • Styx: Shards of Darkness Shows Us How a Goblin is Made

    It’s time for an inside-the-goblin look at the making of Styx: Shards of Darkness, the sequel to stealth sleeper hit Styx: Master of Shadows! Cyanide Studio’s latest making-of vidoc spends a good five minutes putting front and center Styx’s signature snarky attitude and humor while […]

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  • Call of Cthulhu Will Make You Question Your Own Sanity

    I’d still love to see some actual gameplay footage to get a clearer idea of how its blend of stealth, horror, investigation, and RPG mechanics come together, but from its new “Depths of Madness” trailer Cyanide’s psychological thriller Call of Cthulhu sure appears to be […]

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  • VGB Feature: Styx: Shards of Darkness Interview with Cyanide Studios Project Manager Guillaume Blanchard

    Styx, the loveably brash and foul-mouthed goblin thief who burst onto the scene in Of Orcs and Men before landing his debut solo starring role in stealth infiltration game Master of Shadows, is coming back to show off his mastery of the art of sneaky-sneaky […]

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  • Aarklash: Legacy Introduces Combat Basics, Interface, Nella the Mage and Official Website

    Aarklash: Legacy Introduces Combat Basics, Interface, Nella the Mage and Official Website

    Cyanide Studio’s next game set in the Confrontation universe is Aarklash: Legacy, which is currently due for PC release in September. I never played the previous game, known simply as Confrontation, but Aarklash: Legacy appears to be taking a similar tactical real-time-with-pause RPG approach to […]

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  • Review: Game of Thrones

    Review: Game of Thrones

    Last year HBO did what many fantasy geeks had dreamed of but assumed would likely never happen, which is to say the vast and varied world of the Game of Thrones book series was brought to life in a rich and lovingly detailed television show. […]

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  • Cyanide Goes DS Dungeon Raiding This Summer

    Cyanide Goes DS Dungeon Raiding This Summer

    This summer, Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio will launch Dungeon Raiders, a quirky new action/adventure game designed specifically for the DS. Although the official announcement makes no mention of such a connection, it’s readily apparent that Dungeon Raiders is a portable offshoot of Cyanide’s […]

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  • First Peek at Blood Bowl DS

    First Peek at Blood Bowl DS

    Thus far, Cyanide has been focused more on pushing the PC and Xbox 360 versions of its upcoming strategy football game Blood Bowl, leaving many to wonder how the game’s portable versions are coming along. While the PSP version remains in hiding, the DS version […]

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