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  • Behold Aer’s Ethereal Beauty

    Aer, Forgotten Key’s “explore by bird” adventure game that I could stare at all day long, is soaring high amongst the clouds with a new gameplay trailer ahead of its appearance at PAX East this weekend. Published by Daedalic Entertainment, Aer takes flight this September […]

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  • Review: Shooting Stars

    Hey, I just shot Donald Trump–ermmm, I mean ‘Ronald Grump’–in the face with a laser-eyed cat! Now there’s a sentence I never would have imagined writing in my lifetime. It’d fit right in with one of Conan O’Brien’s “Things That Have Never, Ever Been Said” […]

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  • I Could Stare at Aer All Day Long

    Stylistically, games don’t get much prettier than Aer. Screenshots are one thing, but it’s wonderful to finally see how the game animates in-engine. Forgotten Key and Daedalic Entertainment have something truly magical on their hands with this little beauty, an adventure game about a young […]

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  • Review: Blackguards 2

    Blackguards 2 focuses on the story of the madwoman Cassia. It starts out simply enough with a woman who is thrown in a dungeon for no clear reason. The prison is an odd one as it is underneath the great Arena of Mengbilla and the door […]

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  • Four More Daedalic Entertainment Adventures to Be Excited For

    Aer and Silence: The Whispered World 2 sure look phenomenal, but those aren’t the only two titles Daedalic Entertainment has on tap for the remainder of 2015 (and into 2016 in Aer‘s case). Fans of point-and-click adventures should also be licking their chops over four […]

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  • Forgotten Key’s Aer Takes Flight on PC, PS4 & Xbox One in 2016

    Daedalic Entertainment really is beginning to blossom as a top gaming studio beyond niche, PC-only adventure games, and it’s really nice to see. Whether it’s developing games in house, now for both PC and consoles like with Silence: The Whispered World 2, broadening beyond adventure […]

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  • Silence: The Whispered World 2 Confirmed for PS4, Still Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

    Silence, sequel to point-and-click adventure The Whispered World starring the loveably sad circus clown named Sadwick, is now confirmed to be in development for PlayStation 4, joining previously announced versions for PC/Mac and Xbox One. When the game launches late this year, it will be […]

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  • E3 2014: Return to Aventuria Next Year in Blackguards 2

    E3 2014: Return to Aventuria Next Year in Blackguards 2

    In addition to new adventure games Fire and The Devil’s Men, Daedalic Entertainment has confirmed plans for a sequel to turn-based SRPG Blackguard​s. It is currently slated for release in early 2015. Blackguard​s 2 will stick to the rulebook of The Dark Eye universe, this […]

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  • E3 2014: From Steampunk to the Stone Age, Daedalic Entertainment Embarks on Two Grand New Adventures

    E3 2014: From Steampunk to the Stone Age, Daedalic Entertainment Embarks on Two Grand New Adventures

    Daedalic Entertainment, the German indie developer known for beautifully hand-drawn adventure games like The Whispered World, Deponia, and The Night of the Rabbit, has revealed the addition of two more compelling titles to the studio’s roster of future point-and-click adventures. I was hoping for more […]

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  • Daedalic Scores Big With Two Small Indie Adventures

    Daedalic Scores Big With Two Small Indie Adventures

    If you are an avid adventure game player, by now you should be familiar with the works of Daedalic Entertainment. Over the past few years the independent German studio has played a lead role in revitalizing a genre that haters always like to tell us […]

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