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  • The Baconing Announcement Trailer

    The Baconing Announcement Trailer

    DeathSpank must brave the Fires of Bacon and destroy the five Thongs of Virtue to save Spanktopia from the evil

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  • Contest: DeathSpank Steam Giveaway

    Contest: DeathSpank Steam Giveaway

    Have you been ‘Spanked yet? No? Well, now is your chance, as we are giving away a Steam code pack featuring both titles in Hothead Games’ hilarious action-RPG adventure, DeathSpank! Prize: Steam code pack for the PC versions of the original DeathSpank and its sequel, […]

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  • Review: DeathSpank (PC)

    Review: DeathSpank (PC)

    Trying to send up a game genre while also presenting a game that is worth playing on its own merits is challenging, but if anyone can manage it Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame is someone I would choose. DeathSpank is a multiplatform game that […]

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  • Steam Gets Shank and ‘Spanked

    Steam Gets Shank and ‘Spanked

    EA’s downloadable duo of DeathSpank and Shank, already available for console gamers on PSN and XBLA, is now set to bring the goods to PC gamers. Both titles go on sale October 26th via Steam at $15 apiece — or $13.49 if you pre-purchase for […]

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  • DeathSpank Dragon Age Spoof is a Hoot

    DeathSpank Dragon Age Spoof is a Hoot

    Before Hothead ultimately settled on DeathSpank as the final title for its new comedic action-RPG, the game was almost titled DeathSpank: Orphans, with box art that looks eerily similar to a certain EA BioWare RPG. That turkey is terrifying — no wonder it was rejected! […]

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  • Contest: DeathSpank PSN/XBLA Code Giveaway

    Contest: DeathSpank PSN/XBLA Code Giveaway

    [Update] We’ve had so many entries that we’ve decided to bump the entry deadline up a few days — no point keeping so many eager gamers waiting, right? You now have through Monday, July 19 to enter. Drop a comment below or send us an […]

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  • DeathSpank Dispenses Justice on July 13th (and 14th)

    DeathSpank Dispenses Justice on July 13th (and 14th)

    Ron Gilbert’s humor-filled, loot-happy action-RPG DeathSpank officially has a launch date. EA and Hothead games confirmed today that the game will launch for PSN on July 13th and for XBLA the next day on July 14th. It will cost $14.99 / 1200 Microsoft Points. DeathSpank […]

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  • EA Signs Up Rhyming Digital Download Duo

    EA Signs Up Rhyming Digital Download Duo

    Shank and DeathSpank aren’t just the first two downloadable indie titles to be published by EA Partners, they also just so happen to rhyme beautifully. Not that it really matters. But anyway… Yes, EA Partners has entered into partnerships with Klei Entertainment and Hothead Games […]

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