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  • Spend 14 Uncut Minutes With The Surge

    We’ve arrived at the end of another long and crazy week. Kick back, relax, and blow off a little steam for about 14 minutes while watching the latest gameplay video for Deck13’s dystopian action RPG The Surge, which was recently confirmed for a May launch […]

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  • The Surge Charging Up for May Launch

    Taking after the Souls formula as well as the studio’s own Lords of the Fallen, Deck 13’s hardcore dystopian action-RPG The Surge has had its launch window narrowed down to the month of May. The Focus Home published production will be available on PC, PlayStation […]

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  • Deck13’s Dystopian Sci-fi RPG Officially Titled The Surge

    Back around E3 time, Focus Home announced a partnership with Lords of the Fallen co-developer Deck13 Interactive on the creation of an untitled new IP I simply dubbed ‘Nameless Dystopian Sci-fi RPG’, for lack of anything better to call it at the time. But the […]

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  • Lords of the Fallen Developer Making New Dystopian Sci-fi RPG with Focus Home

    After successfully putting its spin on the Dark Souls formula with Lords of the Fallen, German studio Deck13 Interactive is teaming up with French publisher Focus Home Interactive to create a brand new “premium action RPG IP.” This currently untitled RPG will take place in […]

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  • Review: Lords of the Fallen

    Review: Lords of the Fallen

    In a world where no sin is forgotten, Harkyn is an imprisoned man seeking redemption. He may atone for what he has done, but it will only be an internal peace. True peace, where there is no conflict with the world nor with one’s own demons, […]

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  • E3 2014: Wow, Lords of the Fallen Really Does Look Like a Souls Game

    E3 2014: Wow, Lords of the Fallen Really Does Look Like a Souls Game

    To say that CI Games and Deck13 Interactive were inspired by From Software’s Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls franchise in the creation of Lords of the Fallen is only the understatement of the century. Okay, so maybe that’s overstating things, but new gameplay footage (see below) released […]

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