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  • First Dying Light: The Following Expansion Pack Details and Images

    Following last week’s teaser reveal, Techland has formally announced Dying Light: The Following, a new expansion to the open world parkour zombie survival game released at the beginning of the year. First and foremost, The Following will be covered under the Season Pass, so if […]

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  • Techland Teases Dying Light Dune Buggy Action

    Dying Light meets Mad Max, anyone? In a new trailer patting itself on the back for a busy first 180 days of downloadable content and free update support for its open-world parkour zombie survival game, Techland has dropped off a little teaser glimpse at future […]

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  • Dying Light Devs Put Fantasy Slasher Hellraid “On Hold”

    Dying Light has proven to be a great success for Techland, but those good vibes apparently didn’t rub off on Hellraid, the other game the studio has been working on with the expectation of a 2015 launch. Sadly, the dark fantasy first-person hack ‘n’ slasher […]

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  • Dying Light Season Pass DLC Finale Arrives May 26th

    The Bozak Horde, the third and final DLC drop planned as part of the Season Pass for Dying Light, is scheduled to launch on May 26th. It will also be sold separately, for non-Season Passers, at a price of $9.99. Everything you need to know […]

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  • Dying Light’s Second Season Pass Content Drop and Free Hard Mode Update Coming Next Week

    Next week, on Tuesday, March 10, Dying Light survivors will be treated to two updates. For starters, Season Pass owners will get to download the Ultimate Survivor Bundle containing three new character outfits (Ninja, Urban Explorer, and Special Agent) and blueprints for four new weapons […]

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  • Dying Light Season Pass DLC Drops Begin Today

    Dying Light has only been out for a couple weeks now, but today already marks the release of the first downloadable content drop included as part of the zombie survival game’s $19.99 Season Pass. Well that sure didn’t take long. The debut Season Pass DLC, […]

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  • Dying Light’s Getting a Nightmarish Prequel Novel

    Techland’s upcoming open world zombie survival game with parkour is officially being adapted into book form, with a tie-in novel titled Dying Light: Nightmare Row now confirmed to be in the closing stages of publication. Penned by James Bond author Raymond Benson, who gaming fans […]

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  • See Dying Light’s ‘Be the Zombie’ Pre-Order Bonus Mode in Action

    See Dying Light’s ‘Be the Zombie’ Pre-Order Bonus Mode in Action

    As previously announced, pre-ordering Techland’s Dying Light will come with a bonus download of a ‘Be the Zombie’ mode. Now more details and the first trailer showing gameplay of the mode have been revealed. Taking a page out of the Dark Souls playbook, Dying Light […]

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  • Dying Light to Launch a Month Ahead of Schedule

    Dying Light to Launch a Month Ahead of Schedule

    What’s this? A game actually coming out earlier than expected rather than being delayed? Well, kind of. Dying Light was previously delayed from this year to February 2015 after all. But even though the first-person parkour zombie survival shooter from the makers of Dead Island […]

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  • Dying Light Wishes Gamescom Attendees Good Night and Good Luck

    Dying Light Wishes Gamescom Attendees Good Night and Good Luck

    Open world parkour with grappling hooks and zip lines. Intense zombie survival action. Brutal dismemberments. 4-player co-op. Character customization and weapon crafting. Dynamic shifts in gameplay dictated by the day/night cycle. Terrifying nighttime zombies that’ll eat your face off. That’s all here to see in […]

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