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  • Book Review: Child of a Mad God

    Birthed from the mind of legendary fantasy author R. A. Salvatore, Child of a Mad God kicks off a brand new series of novels set in the fictional world of Corona, made famous by the DemonWars Saga. Admittedly, my Salvatore experience up to now has […]

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  • Book Review: It’s All Fun and Games

    Allison Duggan is a typical 15-year-old student at Freeport Central High School. Her BFF, TJ Keller, is a true super geek. Before a long weekend of LARPing (live action role playing), TJ invites Allison to come along for what’s sure to be an epic event. […]

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  • Book Review: Abomination

    A morbidly refreshing hybrid of historical fantasy and gruesome monster-story horror with touches of Lovecraftian influence, Abomination is the triumphant debut novel by Gary Whitta, who you may know as a former video game journalist, for his involvement with Telltale Games in helping craft the […]

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  • Skyrim Meets The Forest in Upcoming Fantasy Survival Game Savage Lands

    Sandbox survival games are the hot trend right now. Titles like The Forest, 7 Days to Die, The Long Dark, DayZ, State of Decay and the newly released H1Z1 have been very popular, but they all deal with themes of horror/zombies or wilderness survival. As […]

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  • Book Review: Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

    Book Review: Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

    Dragon Age: Origins’ PC release may have been delayed to coincide with the launch of the console versions later this year, but Tor Books’ prequel novel is on bookstore shelves now to fill expecting gamers in on the lore of the Dragon Age universe while […]

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