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  • Review: Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

    Review: Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

    The world’s a burning shambles, and slack-jawed green undead stalk the suburban survivors as they vainly scramble to find sanctuary. Who wouldn’t see the zombie apocalypse as a ripe opportunity for power consolidation? Certainly not Dr. Orville Tycoon, the gas-mask-wearing antihero of the real-time strategy […]

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  • Review: Lights, Camera, Party!

    Review: Lights, Camera, Party!

    Closing out the remainder of what has already been a jam-packed summer of digital download game promotions, indie Canadian developer Frima Studio kicks off its five-games-in-as-many-weeks “Frimarathon” with a PlayStation Move micro-game blowout. I know what you’re probably thinking: do we really need another motion […]

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  • Review: Widgets Odyssey II

    Review: Widgets Odyssey II

    Spad, Bruce, Cosmo, Helmut and Monk are back in the second episode finale of Widgets Odyssey, Frima Studio’s intergalactic puzzle adventure series for PlayStation Minis. Widgets Odyssey II, available today via PSN download for one penny shy of $2, picks up right where the first […]

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  • Review: Young Thor

    Review: Young Thor

    With each passing game, Frima Studio is proving to be the most ambitious PlayStation Minis developer going right now, and the studio’s latest release, Young Thor, is without question its most ambitious yet. Young Thor, a 2D/3D platformer with the grandiose adventure scale and hack-and-slash […]

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  • Review: Widgets Odyssey

    Review: Widgets Odyssey

    Widgets Odyssey, the first episode in a two-part PlayStation Minis series from Frima Studio, tells the charming story of five robots that have lost their home planet to the Cosmic Sneeze and embark on an epic intergalactic journey to prevent the evil Yagor from conquering […]

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  • Young Thor is Like an Adorable, Side-Scrolling God of War

    Young Thor is Like an Adorable, Side-Scrolling God of War

    Slated for a July 20th launch on PSN, Young Thor is a 2D beat-’em-up action-adventure designed exclusively as a PlayStation mini title for PSP and PS3. Watching the new gameplay trailer, the only way I can think to describe the game is to call it […]

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