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  • Preview: Saints Row IV Hands-On

    Preview: Saints Row IV Hands-On

    Any game series that delivers a huge hit often finds that in order to continue the upward swing of popularity, it must abide by an unwritten rule stating that the stakes must be raised yet again in order to keep gamers happy. Based on some hands-on […]

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  • Preview: Killzone 2 Quickie Impressions

    Preview: Killzone 2 Quickie Impressions

    Last night, Sony set me up with a voucher for the single-player Killzone 2 demo — the same demo you can gain exclusive early access to by pre-ordering the game at GameStop. I was hesitant to play it at first. Not to say I didn’t […]

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  • Preview: Zoids Assault Hands-On

    Preview: Zoids Assault Hands-On

    I completely missed the whole Zoids toy/anime phenomenon. Up until May of this year when Atlus USA announced Xbox 360 strategy-RPG Zoids Assault, I’d honestly never even heard of Tomy’s toy model franchise. But now that I know what Zoids are – colossal mechanical war […]

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