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  • Book Review: Indie Games

    Plenty of art books have been published about indie games, but unless I’m mistaken I don’t believe very many, if any at all, have been dedicated entirely to providing a broader, in-depth overview of all aspects of indie game creation. But now there is thanks […]

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  • Review: Doughlings: Arcade

    Somewhere in another dimension, a race of culture appropriating doughballs with arms and bulbous, expressive eyeballs has become infected by poison gas after the crash landing of a meteor on their home planet. The lives of these infected beings, the titular Doughlings, are now left […]

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  • Review: Highscore Processing Unit

    Countless games have iterated the classic brick-breaker, to varying degrees of success, implementing all manner of power-up abilities and sometimes even elements of role-playing progression while retaining the core ball-and-paddle mechanics we’ve all grown so familiar with since Breakout and Arkanoid made the genre famous. […]

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  • Review: Conga Master

    A variation on the Snake formula, Conga Master is a simple arcade party action game about club hopping, forming lengthy conga lines, being mean to pigs, and evading alien abduction. Yes, it really is as silly as it sounds. Your dance with extraterrestrials, cats, pigs, […]

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  • Ninja Theory Wields Hellblade Against the Living Nightmares of Mental Illness

    Ninja Theory, the studio behind DmC: Devil May Cry, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and Heavenly Sword, has released the first gameplay trailer for its next game, the independently developed and published Hellblade, which was first revealed last year at Gamescom. Hellblade looks fantastic, sort […]

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  • Hotline Miami 2 Dials Up a Release Date and Another Payday 2 Cross-promotion

    Draw a big circle around the date of March 10th, preferably in blood rather than ink. That’s the official launch date for neon murder spree sequel Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, and you won’t want to miss the call. Hotline Miami 2 will be available […]

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  • Ninja Theory Unsheathes Hellblade

    Ninja Theory Unsheathes Hellblade

    Despite having a title that is the yin to Heavenly Sword‘s yang, Hellblade, the new “independent AAA” game from Ninja Theory, doesn’t sound like it has any direct connection to the studio’s PS3-exclusive cinematic masterpiece. Like the studio’s most recent titles, Enslaved: Odyssey to the […]

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  • Below Descends Upon Gamescom

    Below Descends Upon Gamescom

    Capy’s Steam and Xbox One indie roguelike, Below, is back and looking better than ever this week at Gamescom, showing off more of its atmospheric dungeon crawling in a new gameplay trailer set to the captivating score of Jim Guthrie. This game needs to come […]

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  • E3 2014: Hotline Miami 2 Has a Level Editor? Sweet!

    E3 2014: Hotline Miami 2 Has a Level Editor? Sweet!

    That’s right. Dennaton Games has confirmed that indie mass murder simulator sequel Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will feature a full level editor so players can lay out custom murder scenes to test the murdering skillz of other wannabe murderers. There’s going to be a […]

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  • Massive Terraria Update Opens a Whole New World of Possibilities on Consoles and Vita

    Massive Terraria Update Opens a Whole New World of Possibilities on Consoles and Vita

    The PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360 versions of Terraria are now up to par with the PC version of the game thanks to the official release of Update 1.2, which is basically a “carbon copy” of the update that already came out on […]

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