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  • Book Review: It’s All Fun and Games

    Allison Duggan is a typical 15-year-old student at Freeport Central High School. Her BFF, TJ Keller, is a true super geek. Before a long weekend of LARPing (live action role playing), TJ invites Allison to come along for what’s sure to be an epic event. […]

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  • Summer Book Club Review: The Battle for Oz

    Welcome to VGBlogger’s Summer Book Club! All summer long, we will be providing weekly book reviews across a wide range of geek favorite categories, including art, comics/graphic novels, fantasy, gaming, and sci-fi, and welcoming you to join in on book discussions in the comments. So […]

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  • Book Review: Abomination

    A morbidly refreshing hybrid of historical fantasy and gruesome monster-story horror with touches of Lovecraftian influence, Abomination is the triumphant debut novel by Gary Whitta, who you may know as a former video game journalist, for his involvement with Telltale Games in helping craft the […]

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