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  • WB Just Can’t Kick Its LEGO Game Habit

    WB Just Can’t Kick Its LEGO Game Habit

    Hooked on the property like a junkie (only cash is the drug in this instance), Warner Bros. enters 2013 ready to push even more LEGO games on young, impressionable gamers. We aren’t even two weeks into the New Year and already four new LEGO games […]

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  • LEGO: Rock Band…Really!?

    LEGO: Rock Band…Really!?

    OK, this LEGO thing is going too far now. While Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman all at least made sense, LEGO: Rock Band is about the most blatant money grab of a licensed game I’ve ever seen. Worse yet, it makes absolutely no sense. […]

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  • LEGO Universe Behind-the-Scenes Video

    LEGO Universe Behind-the-Scenes Video

    One thing is readily apparent when watching this new LEGO Universe behind-the-scenes video: LEGO Group, NetDevil and the LUPs (LEGO Universe Partners) helping create content for the game are all very passionate about making LEGO Universe a fun, creative MMO for players of all ages. […]

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