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  • Star Wars: Battle Pod Coming Soon to a Living Room Galaxy Near You

    For the low, low price of only $35,000 (plus shipping and handling), you will soon be able to buy a home version of Bandai Namco Amusement’s Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game, a surefire showstopper for any living room entertainment center, game room, or man/girl […]

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  • Star Wars: Battle Pod Blasts Off to an Arcade Galaxy Near You

    Who said arcade gaming is dead? Well to be perfectly honest it sort of is, but if more games like Star Wars: Battle Pod come along we might just see a resurgence of the arcade as a popular gaming destination and geek hangout. I sure […]

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  • Review: Kinect Star Wars

    Review: Kinect Star Wars

    A long time ago—okay, it was last year—in a galaxy, far, far away (or our own living rooms. Whatever.) Star Wars fans began to clamor for a motion-controlled videogame that would fulfill the fantastical wish we’d had since the first time we laid dewy eyes […]

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