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  • Review: Paws

    I thought Might and Delight had already mastered the art of the cute video game with the first two Shelter titles, but Paws, a standalone spin-off to Shelter 2, somehow ramps the cuteness quotient up to a whole new level of make-you-wanna-cry adorable. Paws is […]

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  • Review: The Blue Flamingo

    Blue Flamingo!? What the hell is a Blue Flamingo? Good question, and the answer is actually very simple. (And no, it is not some weird genetically engineered breed of the actual bird.) The Blue Flamingo that the game gets its title from is the name […]

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  • Might and Delight to Release Shelter 2 Into the Wild Next Month

    Shelter 2 has an official launch date. The irresistibly cute lynx cat wilderness survival simulator will be released on March 9th, developer Might and Delight confirmed today. Previously the game had been expected to come out in February, but it’s now coming just a bit […]

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  • Succumb to the Irresistible Cuteness of Shelter 2

    Look, kittens! Lynx kittens that cuddle with mom, purr, roll in the grass, mew in hunger, and playfully pounce about. Oh, Shelter 2, you’re so damn cute it makes me want to snuggle up with my own kitty and forget about all the bad shit […]

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  • First Shelter 2 Footage Released Into the Wild

    First Shelter 2 Footage Released Into the Wild

    Might & Delight’s sequel to Shelter is quietly (or not so quietly after this) jumping up my list of most anticipated games of next year. Swapping out the badger family for a pack of lynx and expanding the wilderness survival gameplay from a linear format […]

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  • Might and Delight Takes Shelter Again, Now With Cute Lynx Kittens!

    Might and Delight Takes Shelter Again, Now With Cute Lynx Kittens!

    Here’s some pleasantly surprising news to lift your spirits on another drab Monday. Swedish indie studio Might and Delight has announced that a sequel to Shelter is in full development for a projected launch this fall on digital services like Steam and GOG. I loved […]

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  • Review: Shelter

    Review: Shelter

    Every now and then a game comes along that offers a glimpse into a world that isn’t rife with exaggerated boobs, blood, or bullets. A rare game that doesn’t cause frustration due to overly complex puzzle mechanics or Mensa-like brain challenges. A game that simply offers […]

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  • Might and Delight Turns Shelter Into a Children´s Book

    Might and Delight Turns Shelter Into a Children´s Book

    In the past we have seen what games like BioShock and Skyrim could potentially look like if they were adapted into children’s books. Those are ideas that are fun to dream about, but will never actually happen. Not so in the case of Might and […]

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  • Preview: Shelter Hands-On

    Preview: Shelter Hands-On

    When your first game as a developer is a surreal, retro-flavored platformer, what do you do for your second project? Stay within the boundaries of another familiar genre? Or step outside the box to try something completely fresh and different? For Might and Delight, looking […]

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  • Pid Gets Free Challenge Rooms DLC

    Pid Gets Free Challenge Rooms DLC

    Fresh off its ‘Innovative Newcomer Award’ win at the European Innovative Games Awards, indie developer Might and Delight is celebrating with the release of a free update introducing new levels known as Challenge Rooms to the studio’s award-winning platformer, Pid. The DLC adds a whopping […]

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