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  • Jigsaw Review: The Legend of Zelda Classic Puzzle

    Like a wistful tune of nostalgia played on an ocarina, USAopoly’s The Legend of Zelda Classic jigsaw puzzle pulls inspiration from Link’s original NES adventure with an image of the iconic title screen logo bordered on top and bottom by pixel art avatars of various […]

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  • Jigsaw Review: Super Mario Bros World 1-1 and Welcome to Warp Zone Puzzles

    Nostalgic bliss awaits in USAopoly’s latest collectible videogame jigsaw puzzles themed after the original Super Mario Bros. Fittingly, these jigsaw representations of Nintendo’s platforming classic also put forth a high level of difficulty that’s sure to please retro gaming enthusiasts old enough to remember pounding […]

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  • Review: Ultimate NES Remix

    Wii U owners have already experienced the retro-gasmic bliss of NES Remix (two times actually), but now the series of 8-bit microgames fashioned after old Nintendo Entertainment System classics has landed on the 3DS. A portable system is where this game belongs. Ultimate NES Remix […]

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  • NES, Persona Q and Smash Bros. Themed Nintendo 3DS XLs Coming Soon

    NES, Persona Q and Smash Bros. Themed Nintendo 3DS XLs Coming Soon

    If you don’t already own a Nintendo 3DS XL, I bet you will be buying one soon enough, as Nintendo has unveiled three irresistibly awesome 3DS XL models due to release over the next couple of months. Unless, of course, you’re holding out for Nintendo’s […]

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