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  • Review: Pictopix

    Disclosure: Review code for Pictopix was provided to for coverage consideration by Tomlab Games. If you’ve set a New Year’s resolution to whip your brain into better shape, nonogram puzzler Pictopix is a great place to start. For the uninitiated, nonograms are a type […]

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  • Review: Paint it Back

    Oh noes! A ghost has scared all of the paintings in the art museum out of existence with his terrifying gaze. What are we to do? Repaint the whole gallery, that’s what. This silly premise is the set up to Paint it Back, a nonogram […]

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  • Review: Sketchcross

    It has taken far too long, but the PlayStation Vita finally has its answer to Picross. Like Nintendo’s series of puzzle games, Sketchcross from Spiky Fish Games is a Nonogram logic puzzler. So what’s a Nonogram? It’s a type of picture puzzle that’s basically a […]

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