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  • Spring Cleaning Find: Classic Video Game Artwork From My Childhood

    I was doing some spring cleaning over the weekend and dug up some old video game drawings I did when I must’ve been right around 13 or 14 years old. Back then, I had subscriptions to magazines like PSM and OPM, and I would skim […]

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  • Review: Nostalgia

    Review: Nostalgia

    Nostalgia, as it turns out, couldn’t be a more fitting title for Ignition Entertainment’s new DS JRPG, launching at retailers nationwide today. I was fortunate enough to receive an early review copy last Monday and have spent the past week glued to my DS captivated […]

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  • All-Star JRPG Team Gets Nostalgic With Nostalgia DS

    All-Star JRPG Team Gets Nostalgic With Nostalgia DS

    Ignition Entertainment, Tecmo, Matrix Software and Red Entertainment have teamed up to bring steampunk DS JRPG “Nostalgeo no Kaze” to North America as Nostalgia. Created by an all-star team of Japanese game designers whose collective credits include games like Tokobot, Fatal Frame, Dragon Quest V, […]

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