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  • Review: Not a Hero: Global MegaLord Edition

    It’s funny how art imitates life so closely sometimes, even if unintentionally. In the case of Not a Hero, developer Roll7 must’ve had some kind of crystal ball to the future of what the U.S. political landscape (not to mention Europe with the whole Brexit […]

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  • Not a Hero Now Available to Demo and Pre-order on PC

    Ahead of the game’s May 7th launch, Roll7 and Devolver Digital have released a playable demo consisting of four levels and opened pre-orders for the PC version of ISO-Slant 2¼D cover-based indie shooter Not a Hero. Check ’em both out right now on Steam. Two […]

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  • Bunnylord Hits the Campaign Trail Ahead of Not A Hero’s May 7th Election Day

    In case you forgot, OlliOlli developer Roll7 has another new game coming out this year that doesn’t have anything to do with kickflips and rail grinds. That game, Not A Hero, is a blood-filled 2 1/4D cover-based pixel art shooter about a team of assassins […]

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  • Screenshot Saturday: The Arkham Knight Rises

    Screenshot Saturday: The Arkham Knight Rises

    Holy Arkham Knight, Batman! Warner Bros. dropped the first screenshots from Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy closer this week, and in addition to looking straight up spectacular they reveal the eponymous Arkham Knight, an original supervillain specifically designed for the game in collaboration with DC Comics. TopWare […]

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