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  • Peggle 2 Fever Spreads to PlayStation 4

    Peggle 2 Fever Spreads to PlayStation 4

    Close to a full year since Peggle 2 came out last December shortly after the Xbox One launch, PopCap’s whimsical blend of pachinko, pinball, billiards and Breakout is finally leaving behind its timed Xbox console exclusivity run for a release on PlayStation 4. October 14th […]

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  • Get Your Peggle Fix and Your WoW Fix All in One

    Get Your Peggle Fix and Your WoW Fix All in One

    Two of the most addictive forces in the gaming universe collide once again in Peggle – World of Warcraft Edition, a new standalone freebie version of Peggle featuring 10 new levels starring Peggle masters Bjorn the Unicorn and Splork with background art created by Blizzard […]

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  • Review: Peggle Dual Shot

    Review: Peggle Dual Shot

    I have a confession to make. Until a couple weeks ago, I had never played Peggle before. I know, crazy, right? Peggle has only been like the biggest thing in casual gaming over the past couple of years. But what can I say; it never […]

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  • Review: Peggle Nights

    Review: Peggle Nights

    Puzzle games are an interesting genre. Hardcore gamers have historically eschewed them as being ‘too casual’ until recently, but even before excellent puzzle games started hitting the Nintendo DS, gamers who have used non-PC devices such as PDA’s have found them to be great quick-play […]

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  • PopCap Goes Peggle Crazy!

    PopCap Goes Peggle Crazy!

    Over the next three months, PopCap Games is going to be all about Peggle, Peggle and more Peggle. The three-month Peggle celebration begins with today’s shipping of Peggle Dual Shot for the DS and continues throughout March with new Peggle adaptations for iPhone and Xbox […]

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