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  • VGB Feature: Kill to Collect Interview with Pieces Interactive CEO David Rosén

    Known as the developer of Magicka 2 (and DLC for the original Magicka), as well as Leviathan: Warships and some other smaller titles like Fret Nice and Puzzlegeddon, Pieces Interactive is hard at work finishing up its next project, the cyberpunk 1 to 4 player […]

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  • Magicka 2 Playable Sneak Peek Demo Now Available

    Calling all wizards! Magicka 2, coming May 26th to PC and PlayStation 4, is now playable in sneak peek sampler format. To join in on the early robe-rocking, spell-casting fun, head on over to www.magicka2.com, Steam, or the PlayStation Store and place a pre-order. Only […]

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  • Magicka 2 Release Date Confirmed in Hilarious Game of Thrones Intro Parody

    Forget Game of Thrones. The time has come for a Game of Robes, a.k.a. Magicka 2! Magicka 2‘s date with PC and PlayStation 4 has been revealed today in a magickal, musical number by Vlad the not-a-vampire manpire. His not-so-in-tune voice delivers the news that […]

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  • E3 2014: Magicka 2 Conjures Cooperative Spellcasting Chaos on PC and PS4

    E3 2014: Magicka 2 Conjures Cooperative Spellcasting Chaos on PC and PS4

    After 1,231 days on unemployment, the wizards of Magicka have been hired for a new gig–Magicka 2 for PC and PlayStation 4. The game was revealed earlier in the week during Sony’s E3 keynote address, Magicka‘s signature brand of irreverent humor on full display for […]

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  • Review: Fret Nice

    Review: Fret Nice

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a 2D platformer like Mario or LittleBigPlanet with a guitar controller like Guitar Hero? No, you probably haven’t – I sure as hell would’ve never put the two ideas together! But Pieces Interactive and […]

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