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  • Review: Sudoku (PSP minis)

    Review: Sudoku (PSP minis)

    Given that the PSP minis are meant to be bite-sized games with a smaller scope and focus, Sudoku seems like the perfect fit… well, other than all of those ports of iPhone games. The game itself is a classic Japanese number puzzle that is simple […]

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  • Review: Tetris (PSP minis)

    Review: Tetris (PSP minis)

    Everyone knows Tetris. Everyone loves Tetris. Alexey Pajitnov’s masterpiece of a puzzle game has addicted literally millions and millions of players over the past 25 years on virtually every single video game device known to man. And now it’s surely going to do the same […]

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  • PSP Minis Coming October 1st

    PSP Minis Coming October 1st

    Witnessing the success of smaller, cheaper games released on the iTunes App Store, Sony has announced plans for a new section of the PSP PlayStation Store dedicated to bite-sized downloadable games called PSP Minis.

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