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  • Jigsaw Review: Fallout Nuka Cola and Perk Poster Puzzles

    Disclosure: The Fallout jigsaw puzzles were purchased by VGBlogger.com for review purposes. Any Wastelanders out there in need of a post-apocalyptic jigsaw fix? USAopoloy may not deal in Mentats, Jet, Psycho, or other chems, but the company’s Fallout puzzle collection will surely prove far more […]

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  • Jigsaw Review: Animal Crossing Spring Time Puzzle

    Disclosure: The Animal Crossing Spring Time Premium Puzzle was purchased for review by VGBlogger.com. USAopoly’s Animal Crossing Spring Time puzzle is a delightful breath of fresh air in a jigsaw market where the majority of the collectible offerings are themed after the AAA franchise brands […]

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  • Jigsaw Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Map Puzzle

    Disclosure: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim collector’s puzzle was purchased for review by VGBlogger.com. Made by USAopoly, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector’s Puzzle presents a replica map of Tamriel’s iconic northern region. The completed image looks fantastic, just like an old papyrus map scroll […]

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  • Jigsaw Review: Uncharted 4 Madagascar Limited Edition Puzzle

    Disclosure: The Uncharted 4 limited edition puzzle was purchased for review by VGBlogger.com. This Uncharted 4 jigsaw puzzle has been an absolute nightmare, which is a real bummer because I love the Uncharted series and was super hyped to get my hands on a special […]

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  • Review: Pictopix

    Disclosure: Review code for Pictopix was provided to VGBlogger.com for coverage consideration by Tomlab Games. If you’ve set a New Year’s resolution to whip your brain into better shape, nonogram puzzler Pictopix is a great place to start. For the uninitiated, nonograms are a type […]

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  • Jigsaw Review: Song of the Deep Collector’s Edition Puzzle

    Thanks to the partnership with GameStop and the retailer’s new game publishing label GameTrust Games, the recent launch of Insomniac’s wonderful submarine Metroidvania adventure Song of the Deep has been accompanied by a wide range of tie-in merchandising–everything from t-shirts, beanies, and wristwatches to vinyl […]

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  • Jigsaw Combo Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Collector’s Puzzles

    Listen up, fellow jigsaw geeks–there are new puzzles to assemble! USAopoly has followed up on its fantastic Legend of Zelda Hyrule world map puzzle from last year with a fresh pair of licensed Nintendo jigsaws based on two of the most highly regarded titles from […]

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  • Sonic the Hedgehog Jigsaw Puzzle Complete!

    Sonic the Hedgehog Jigsaw Puzzle Complete!

    I’m always up for a good old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle, especially whenever I can find one with a video game theme. They’re hard to come by, but I’ve found some fun ones in recent years. The latest to join the collection is this Sonic the Hedgehog […]

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  • Angry Birds Windows Phone 7 Trailer

    Angry Birds Windows Phone 7 Trailer

    The bird flipping casual sensation is now available for Windows Phone users.

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  • Storm – Spring Seasonal Trailer

    Storm – Spring Seasonal Trailer

    Gather rain, summon winds, charge lightning and guide your seeds through nature to help them ‘spring’ forward and blossom.

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