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  • May Launch Set for Cartoony Teslagrad Successor World to the West

    World to the West, Rain Games’ 3D isometric action-adventure spiritual sequel to Teslagrad (it’s a standalone experience but takes place within the same universe), has received an official launch date of May 5th. It’ll be digitally distributed on PC (GOG, Humble Store, and Steam), PlayStation […]

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  • VGB Feature: World to the West Interview with Rain Games Artist Ole Ivar Rudi

    Just last month, Rain Games, the Norwegian team behind puzzle-platforming indie gem Teslagrad, unveiled its next project World to the West, a top-down action puzzler that takes place during a later time period and in new locations of its predecessor’s shared universe. Read along as […]

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  • Teslagrad Now Attracting Steam Greenlight Votes

    Teslagrad Now Attracting Steam Greenlight Votes

    Norwegian indie shop Rain Games is aiming to get its first project, Teslagrad, approved for Steam release via Greenlight. Currently in invite-only alpha on Desura, Teslagrad is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer that will have gamers navigating a young boy through the non-linear steampunk environments of […]

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