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  • Hellgate Reopens for Closed Beta Next Month

    Hellgate Reopens for Closed Beta Next Month

    Hellgate: London is one of the saddest game releases in recent history. The PC action-RPG hybrid of third- and first-person shooting and melee launched back in 2007 to loads of pre-release hype, largely because its now-defunct developer, Flagship Studios, was led by some of the […]

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  • Redbana Resurrects Mythos

    Redbana Resurrects Mythos

    Originally developed as a test project for the online networking tech behind Hellgate: London, Flagship Studios’ free-to-play online action-RPG Mythos never made it out of beta as Hellgate bombed and Flagship dissolved last year, with Korean game company HanbitSoft and parent company T3 Entertainment stepping […]

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