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  • Indie Quickie: Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

    What is it and who made it? Renegade Kid’s super challenging sequel to retro 2D platformer Mutant Mudds (and Mutant Mudds Deluxe, which we reviewed here), published by Nighthawk Interactive. What platforms is it on and how much does it cost? It came out first […]

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  • Nindies@Home Brings Nine Wii U Indie Game Demos From E3 to Your Living Room

    Not at E3? Don’t worry about it. Nintendo is helping to bring the experience of getting hands-on sneak peeks from the E3 show floor to your living room game console. Thanks to Nintendo’s Nindies@Home program, you can now download playable demos for nine upcoming Wii […]

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  • Indie Quickie: Xeodrifter

    It takes a lot longer to fully review a game than it does to get a good sense of what a game is. Even with a full-time staff of writers it would be impossible to fully review the thousands of games that are released every […]

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  • Review: Mutant Mudds Deluxe

    Review: Mutant Mudds Deluxe

    Growing up without a console in my house meant that the only platforming I was exposed to as a younger gamer was either playing at a friend’s house on their NES or playing knockoff Mario games on my own PC. However, one of the few […]

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  • Dementium II Scared Back to April 20th

    Dementium II Scared Back to April 20th

    Renegade Kid’s DS first-person survival horror sequel Dementium II has, I hate to say, been delayed. The follow-up to 2007’s impressive Dementium: The Ward, Dementium II was originally scheduled to ship in just a few week’s time on February 16th. But unfortunately SouthPeak Games has […]

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  • Box Art Alert: Dementium II

    Box Art Alert: Dementium II

    Warning: The image you are about to see is highly disturbing. No, scratch that. It’s seriously fucking demented! The image in question is the final box art for SouthPeak and Renegade Kid’s DS survival-horror game Dementium II, which shows a dude vomiting a hand, and […]

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  • [E3 2009] SouthPeak, Renegade Kid Spook Up Dementium Sequel

    [E3 2009] SouthPeak, Renegade Kid Spook Up Dementium Sequel

    I guess SouthPeak had an E3 surprise up its sleeves after all! The publisher has announced today that a sequel to Renegade Kid’s DS first-person horror thriller, Dementium: The Ward is in the works and is scheduled for release in Q1 2010. Dementium II will […]

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