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  • Enhanced Versions of Abyss Odyssey and Risen 3 Coming to PS4

    In today’s age of abundant definitive/enhanced editions, it’s rarely a surprise to see any older game return, but even I never would have expected to see these two get the remaster treatment. First up is Deep Silver’s Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition, coming to […]

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  • Risen 2 Sets Sail for Console Waters This Summer With Bonus Quest

    Risen 2 Sets Sail for Console Waters This Summer With Bonus Quest

    Piranha Bytes’ pirate RPG, Risen 2: Dark Waters, is nearly ready to dock on PC digital distribution portals next week on Friday, April 27, but what about the console versions? They’re still coming, my swashbuckling mateys, just a little later than previously planned. PS3 and […]

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  • Risen 2 Gameplay Blowout

    Risen 2 Gameplay Blowout

    Over 20 minutes of drunken swashbucklers, pirate duels, voodoo dolls and more can be seen in these seven gameplay videos for Risen 2: Dark Waters, out April 24th for PC and coming later to PS3 and Xbox 360. Having enjoyed the Xbox 360 port of […]

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  • Risen 2: Dark Waters – Gamescom 2011 Gameplay Teaser

    Risen 2: Dark Waters – Gamescom 2011 Gameplay Teaser

    Piranha Bytes’ RPG sequel is looking mighty fine indeed, as seen in this new trailer recorded entirely from in-game footage. Risen 2 sets sail for darker waters on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Shove off date is still TBA.

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  • Review: Risen (Xbox 360)

    Review: Risen (Xbox 360)

    The track record has not been very good for console ports of PC-first RPGs. Divinity II comes to mind first, as its Xbox 360 port is terrible from what I’ve been able to endure, and as much as I loved it, even the console versions […]

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  • Risen Xbox 360 Launch Trailer

    Risen Xbox 360 Launch Trailer

    Wizarbox’s Xbox 360 port of Piranha Bytes’ PC RPG Risen arrived at retail game shops this week. I’m only a couple hours in, but already I can confirm that it is a billion times better than the 360 port of Divinity II. I’ll get to […]

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  • Review: Risen (PC)

    Review: Risen (PC)

    A recent trend in games has been altering the naming structure to try to either dissociate with older games or mask how many games have preceded the release. Recent examples include the indeterminate Wolfenstein, the third Red Faction game being subtitled Guerrilla, and the removal […]

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  • Risen Teaser Combo

    Risen Teaser Combo

    The countdown is on for Risen‘s PC launch later this week, and Deep Silver is doing some last-minute buzz building with this final pair of cinematic teaser trailers. As if Piranha Bytes fans really needed anything more to fuel their anticipation for this one!

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  • The Making of Risen

    The Making of Risen

    The Piranha Bytes crew sits down to chat about the making of their latest RPG Risen in this informative 10-minute interview video. It’s a long one, so I’ll just step back and let you watch.

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  • Risen Goes Gold on PC, Gets Pushed to 2010 on Xbox 360

    Risen Goes Gold on PC, Gets Pushed to 2010 on Xbox 360

    Much like the launch of Sacred 2 it seems, the planned simultaneous fall launch of Piranha Bytes’ PC and Xbox 360 RPG Risen has been broken up. The good news is the PC version has gone gold and is all ready to start shipping out […]

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