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  • Review: Inversion

    Review: Inversion

    Namco Bandai teaches a lesson in poor release timing with the recent launch of Inversion. Saber Interactive’s latest original IP quietly landed on store shelves earlier this month, right smack in the middle of E3, a time in the gaming year when most gamers briefly […]

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  • Inversion Co-op Trailer

    Inversion Co-op Trailer

    When you can’t hide from gravity, the only force you can count on is your partner. Watch as Saber Interactive’s upcoming third-person shooter, Inversion, takes drop-in / drop-out cooperative play to gravity-defying new heights. Inversion turns third-person shooters upside down on February 7, 2012 for […]

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  • Review: Battle: Los Angeles

    Review: Battle: Los Angeles

    Wanna know why movie games have such a dubious reputation? Because of crap like Battle: Los Angeles! I started playing this supposed “AAA” downloadable FPS last night, little knowledge of the movie it’s linked to, but half expecting a fun ride. Saber Interactive developed the […]

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