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  • Review: Section 8 (PS3)

    Review: Section 8 (PS3)

    In a market dominated by Halo and Call of Duty and various other known mainstream franchises, breaking onto the scene with a new FPS IP is a mighty tough task. Even tougher when that new IP’s chief focus is multiplayer in a mainstream arena where […]

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  • Section 8 Launch Trailer Drops In

    Section 8 Launch Trailer Drops In

    TimeGate Studios’ new multiplayer-centric sci-fi shooter Section 8 has dropped into the retail battlefield, heavily armed to deliver hours of team-based online combat. The PC version hits on Friday, but the Xbox 360 version is in stores now. Check the launch trailer for more.

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  • Section 8 Reemerges

    Section 8 Reemerges

    Former Gamecock property Section 8 has reemerged after a long time in seclusion. Now in SouthPeak’s ever-growing stable of games, the TimeGate Studios-developed PC and Xbox 360 FPS is coming along nicely and should be ready for prime time by the end of this year. […]

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