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  • G.I. Joe and He-Man Unleash Weapons of Nostalgic Destruction on Toy Soldiers: War Chest

    Nostalgia alert! Nostalgia alert! Classic 80s toy and cartoon action heroes G.I. Joe and He-Man — two personal favorite toy lines from my youth — are invading Toy Soldiers: War Chest as two of four army factions based on licensed action figure brands. The other […]

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  • Skyrim Meets The Forest in Upcoming Fantasy Survival Game Savage Lands

    Sandbox survival games are the hot trend right now. Titles like The Forest, 7 Days to Die, The Long Dark, DayZ, State of Decay and the newly released H1Z1 have been very popular, but they all deal with themes of horror/zombies or wilderness survival. As […]

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  • Closed Beta Sign-Ups Begin for Free-to-Play XBLA RPG Ascend: New Gods

    Closed Beta Sign-Ups Begin for Free-to-Play XBLA RPG Ascend: New Gods

    Toy Soldiers developer Signal Studios has been quietly working away on Ascend: New Gods since the game’s coming out party at last year’s E3, and now the time has finally come for beta testing to begin. For those who missed it before or haven’t been […]

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  • Review: Toy Soldiers: Cold War

    Review: Toy Soldiers: Cold War

    2011’s Summer of Arcade on your Microsoft based home entertainment console ends with a bang in Toy Soldiers: Cold War.  For fifteen dollars, players of a certain age can be transported back to their youth, a time of sugary cereal, plastic toys and the few […]

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