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  • Review: Energy Invasion

    An Arkanoid clone with a dual-stick shooter twist, Energy Invasion pairs familiar ball-and-paddle gameplay with an alternative approach to busting bricks. The genre basics haven’t changed: You slide a paddle back and forth along the bottom of the screen to deflect an orb hurtling upward […]

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  • Review: Merger 3D

    Hey, party peoples. It’s time to first-person shoot like it’s 1992 all up in here! Throwing all the way back to a time when Apogee Software and id Software were rocking the shareware scene with classics like Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone, Merger 3D is […]

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  • Indie Quickie: Puzzle Galaxies

    What is it and who made it? A jewel matching puzzler made by Evermore Game Studios and published by Sometimes You. What platforms is it on and how much does it cost? Grab it from Steam (PC/Mac) for just $0.99. How much did we play? […]

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