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  • Spiders Teases 17th Century Baroque RPG GreedFall

    Spiders has announced its next role-playing game project, once again in partnership with publisher Focus Home Interactive. GreedFall, which is scheduled for release in 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, takes place in a 17th century European setting inspired by Baroque art. It’s […]

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  • The Technomancer Reveals Launch Date and Gameplay Footage

    Focus Home and Spiders have confirmed a June 21 launch date for sci-fi RPG The Technomancer on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Additionally, a nearly 7 minute long trailer has been released, showcasing preliminary story details and an in-depth overview of the game’s full breadth […]

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  • VGB Feature: The Technomancer Interview with Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau

    Spiders, the studio behind recent RPG favorites of ours like Of Orcs and Men, Mars: War Logs, and Bound By Flame, is returning to the Red Planet for its next title The Technomancer, a dystopian sci-fi epic for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. With […]

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  • Run, Technomancer, Run!

    A couple quick takeaways from the new Gamescom trailer for The Technomancer: (1) Spiders’ Martian creature designs continue to look weird and grotesque yet exotic and beautiful, and (2) the music by composer Olivier Derivière (of Remember Me and Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry fame) […]

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  • The Technomancer Versus Giant Martian Bugs

    New screenshots are in for The Technomancer, the upcoming sci-fi RPG from Focus Home Interactive and Spiders, the same team behind games like Bound By Flame and Mars: War Logs. In them, the titular Technomancer, a mage-warrior rocking cybernetic implants that amplify his powers of […]

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  • The Technomancer is the Next RPG From the Makers of Bound By Flame and Mars: War Logs

    Focus Home and Spiders are back in action working on a new RPG to succeed previous titles like Bound By Flame, Mars: War Logs, Faery: Legends of Avalon as well as Of Orcs and Men (that one was co-developed with Cyanide). This new RPG is […]

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  • The Many Possible Heroes of Bound By Flame

    The Many Possible Heroes of Bound By Flame

    New screenshots in today for Bound by Flame, the dark fantasy role-playing game from Spiders, highlight character creation and customization. Playing as a Freeborn Blades mercenary possessed by a flame demon, your adventure to defeat the Ice Lords will begin by setting the hero’s gender […]

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  • Bound By Flame Sets the Gaming World on Fire May 9th

    Bound By Flame Sets the Gaming World on Fire May 9th

    Spiders RPG Bound by Flame has been locked in for a May 9th launch this spring on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360. While Focus Home is the publisher, Majesco has been enlisted as the game’s distributor for North America. Bound By Flame’s […]

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  • A Quick Primer on Bound by Flame

    A Quick Primer on Bound by Flame

    Info about Bound by Flame has been coming along at a slow burn since the game’s unveil early last year, but since the recent launch of the official website pre-release hype has started to catch fire. Finally, we are beginning to get a clear understanding […]

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  • Bound by Flame Unleashes the Beasts

    Bound by Flame Unleashes the Beasts

    Whether or not Bound by Flame is an enjoyable RPG experience won’t be known until we can actually get our hands on the game and play it sometime early next year, but one thing’s already for sure–this game has a monstrous bestiary of unique and […]

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