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  • Review: Splatterhouse

    Review: Splatterhouse

    Show of hands: who remembers the old Splatterhouse games? I vaguely recollect them as “those Jason games,” which is what I remember calling the three game series growing up, in reference to the main character bearing resemblance to Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th […]

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  • Namco Bandai’s Golden November Foursome

    Namco Bandai’s Golden November Foursome

    After an eventful October that saw the releases of quality games like Enslaved, Time Crisis: Razing Storm and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (my Enslaved review can be read here; reviews for Time Crisis and UNS2 are coming soon), Namco Bandai is preparing to […]

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  • Splatterhouse Teaser Trailer

    Splatterhouse Teaser Trailer

    Hey look! Splatterhouse has reemerged, and just in time for Halloween. Go figure! Namco Bandai still isn’t saying or showing much about the game other than it’s coming next year to PS3 and Xbox 360, but this new teaser certainly is fitting for this fine […]

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