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  • Stormrise Launch Trailer

    Stormrise Launch Trailer

    Sega and The Creative Assembly’s mission to revolutionize console RTS gaming has officially begun with this week’s launch of Stormrise for PS3 and Xbox 360…and PC, too! You know what that means, don’t you? That’s right, it’s obligatory launch trailer time!

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  • Stormrise Whip Select Trailer

    Stormrise Whip Select Trailer

    Wow, Stormrise just became about a million times more interesting to me. Why’s that? Because the game’s Whip Select control scheme, as explained in this here new trailer, really does look quite genius. Many titles have claimed to revolutionize console RTS play before, but Stormrise […]

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  • Box Art Alert: Stormrise

    Box Art Alert: Stormrise

    Now presenting the official box artwork for The Creative Assembly’s upcoming sci-fi RTS Stormrise, currently slated to ship in March. Kinda generic looking with the whole blue team versus red team motif going on, but hardly the worst box art I’ve seen. The biggest surprise […]

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  • Stormrise Sniper Trailer Kicks Some Serious Ass

    Stormrise Sniper Trailer Kicks Some Serious Ass

    It’s so good to see The Creative Assembly getting back to what they do best with their next project, Stormrise, and that’s making kick-ass strategy games. Spartan: Total Warrior and Viking: Battle for Asgard were decent (but ultimately disappointing) attempts to branch out into a […]

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