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  • Nintendo Expands Into Mobile App Market in Partnership With DeNA

    For better or worse (depending on your view of the mobile gaming scene), Nintendo is spreading its Mushroom Kingdom influence to new audiences on smartphones and tablets. Japanese eCommerce, mobile, and online service developer DeNA has been given the task of creating brand new games […]

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  • Versus Evil Now Recruiting for the Guild of Dungeoneering

    Versus Evil, the independent publisher best known for working with Stoic to release the excellent first chapter in The Banner Saga, has partnered up with one-man Irish indie shop Gambrinous to bring Guild of Dungeoneering to PC, Mac, and tablets this year. The game has […]

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  • Windows 10 to Support Xbox One Game Streaming and Cross-Device Multiplayer

    Microsoft hasn’t embraced PC gaming in quite a while, but today the maker of Windows and Xbox took some baby steps in the right direction. When Windows 10 launches, it’ll feature a built-in Xbox app to unify gaming experiences across Xbox One and PCs and […]

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