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  • Review: The Invisible Hours

    The potential of virtual reality in video games is limited only by the imagination of what hasn’t been done before. What I have most enjoyed about playing games in VR is the fact that no one game feels like it has been copied directly from something […]

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  • Rime to Finally Launch in May (Nintendo Switch Version Coming Later)

    After a long and winding journey through nearly half a decade in development, Tequila Works is finally almost done with its beautiful third-person puzzle adventure Rime. Like a cross between Ico, Wind Waker, The Witness, and a Studio Ghibli production, Rime will be out May […]

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  • Rime and WiLD Make Me Glad I Own a PlayStation 4

    Rime and WiLD Make Me Glad I Own a PlayStation 4

    My PlayStation 4 went on the fritz today (all of a sudden I’m sporadically getting the pulsing “blue light of death” during boot up), but looking ahead at all of the exclusives coming to Sony’s console has helped to lift my mood. Two titles from […]

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  • Review: Deadlight

    Review: Deadlight

    By now, you pretty much know the drill: They never sleep or get tired, so you’d better run. And then run some more. And then run again. We’ve had this particular page of the Zombie Survival Kit burned into our brains since the Night of […]

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